Monday, May 24, 2010

After Rally DAY!

Hi all ..Charisma agian....

Well Rally day was a GREAT day...lots of good games and prizes...and also a small little project. I think fun was had by all...a little update for those that couldn't make it...

We are not going to have a meeting next can take all of your projects into the fabic patch for point count..Bertys will be our fill in ref if Cindi is not available....also for every enty you make to the quilt show you get 50 points.....we are also going to have a block lotto any color get 25 points. If you do red and gold blocks for QFL blocks in their pattern you get 30 points.

IF you have any donations for the yard sale contact Jeri or Sabrina......they also have raffle tickets for sale ..raffle quilt is at The Fabric Patch.

Brianna worked very had for our team charity..Bless her heart she did most ALL of the work and it was not easy work..we had our charity last Friday and we did well ..THANK YOU BRI! I really appreciate all of your hard work...She and I will have some raffle items ready for the quilt show soon and have them displayed.

The Ditzy Dames are selling their JIddleys...we have plenty at the Fabric patch for those that need FABULOUS hair do's..head on down adn pick one up.

I have seen some fabulous projets that everyone is working on...I am impressed and happy to be a part of such a great competition!

I am going to be working on finishing up some last minute projects as I have many quilt tops completed but not I should get back to work..I hear points ringing up!

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  1. Do we know what our mission is for next month...??? I was hoping to find that out at the meeting Sat. but if anyone knows please pass that info along. I have to start looking and thinking about what is about to come.
    I am really glad everyone had a great time. I can't wait to see the point tally's. hmmmm who will it be this month in the lead...hmmm who indeed. ;)